Gambelier is the story of a young Franco-Colombian couple, Marylou and Cristhian.

Met in the magnificent city of Valencia (Spain), it was partly fashion, environmental concerns and travel that brought them together.

Cristhian's biggest dream was to start his own clothing brand. When he discovered Marylou's personality, he knew that she was the partner he needed to start this project. He was convinced that their combined skills as well as their common values ​​would be the key to achieving this dream. And he was right.

This is how together they embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship in 2022.

Two wishes prevailed:

  • Make an eco-responsible brand
  • Make a unisex brand

Indeed, faced with the climate emergency, it seemed vital to them to change the way fashion was consumed. They therefore chose the slow fashion system which fights directly against fast fashion. This new model guarantees quality, durable and ecological clothing. Also, they wanted to fight against gender stereotypes. Making unisex clothes was a way of not categorizing people. They are convinced that everyone can wear what they want. For more information, please consult the "our commitments" page.

Beyond that, being travel enthusiasts, they were keen to make clothes that are comfortable. Gambelier clothing has already been tested in different transports and countries around the world. And it was during their stay in Cristhian's native country, Colombia, that they discovered the association ??? A collaboration was then born. For more information, please consult the "our commitments" page.

Anxious to succeed on their own, it was after hard work that our ambitious couple proudly opened the Gambelier site on July 1, 2023.

Word from the creators

We sincerely thank you for supporting Gambelier, for supporting us. Seeing you enjoying and wearing our products goes straight to our hearts.

We are really happy to contribute to the change, with you.

And that's just the beginning...