Gambelier is the story of a young Franco-Colombian couple, Marylou and Cristhian.

We met in the beautiful city of Valencia (Spain) in 2021. It is in particular a common dream that brought us together: to create our clothing brand.

By discovering our respective personalities, as well as our common values, it seemed obvious to us to join forces in order to realize this dream. It took us several months to find the courage to take the leap, to dare to take risks.

It is with great hope in our project that we embarked together on the adventure of entrepreneurship in 2022.

However, it was not about creating a clothing brand just to satisfy a personal desire for fulfillment. We wanted to create a clothing brand that meets our fashion expectations, which we can't find at the moment. That is to say, a brand that is eco-responsible, ethical and gender-neutral (for more information, please go to the "our commitments" page). And beyond these values ​​that seem essential and necessary to us, we wanted to make clothes that are comfortable in all circumstances. Being passionate about travel, it is essential for us to be comfortable in our clothes. And we can guarantee that all Gambelier products are, having already tested our sets in different transports and countries around the world. But they're not just for travellers, they can be worn at home, outdoors or in the evening. Knowing that in the next drops there will be more elegant clothes in order to be comfortable at work.

Anxious to succeed on our own, it is after hard work that we proudly opened the Gambelier site on July 1, 2023.

Word from the creators

We sincerely thank you for supporting Gambelier.

Seeing you enjoying and wearing our products goes straight to our hearts. We do our best to provide you with the best while respecting our values.

We are really happy to contribute to the change, with you.

And that's just the beginning...

Thanks again.

Cristhian and Marylou <3